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Outbound Net Connector

Better Use of Contact Center Capacities

The Outbound Net Detector supports the management of outbound campaigns. The Outbound Net Connector is a web-based campaign and customer management tool including intelligent selection assistance. This allows the optimal use of the Contact Center for outbound campaigns.

Be flexible

You can organize your Contact Center capacities flexibly with the Outbound Net Connector without making costly investments in selection tools and campaign management software.

Optimal Use

The ONC’s intelligent selection process is based on predictive dialing technology. This technology ensures that the agent is being prepared for the next customer before the end of the current call. This enables a telephone connection at the exact time the agent is free again. Attempted calls to busy lines or to fax machines are recognized immediately by ONC technology. This allows your agents to concentrate more closely on the call resulting in fewer lost calls and wrong numbers - agent capacities are used optimally and the Contact Center’s net call time is maximized.

Everything under Control

Thanks to ONC, you do not need to hand over your most sensitive customer data to third-party service providers. The data is displayed just-in-time on the agent’s desktop. The data required for each customer is displayed on the agent’s PC using a secure, web-based connection.You still have complete control over the information and configuration, even if using service providers for campaigns, if desired.

Your advantages:

  • Total data security – no transfer on customer contacts to third parties
  • Avoidance of customer inconvenience – web-based control and supervision of your campaign
  • Measurable campaign quality – web-based reporting and online monitoring
  • Minute-by-minute pay-per-use price model ∗ Highly efficient selection process (predictive dialing)
  • No investment in hardware or software
  • Call blending possible (customer calls back and is connected to right agent group) 
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