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Automatic Call Distribution

Virtual Call Centers

All Contact Call Center staff can dial into Automatic Call Distribution independently and regardless of their location. As a result, they become part of a big (virtual) contact center. The caller of your Service Number will be automatically connected to an agent – regardless of where they are. Should all the agents be busy, your caller will be put on hold and re-directed to a waiting loop and will be connected to the next free agent as soon as he or she is available. The Automatic Call Distribution platform makes expensive in-house technology superfluous as we can offer you an entirely web-based solution.

Automatic Call Distribution not only provides a simple solution to the distribution of in-coming calls, the entire system is easy-to-use thanks to the user-friendly web interface.

Flexible Access Controls

The access-right concept of the Automatic Call Distribution system guarantees that your staff only have access to the specific information they require. Each agent has his or her own unique log-in and can only access the parts of the application that he or she has access rights for.

You can place your agents into fixed skill groups e.g. orders and technical groups. You can create up to 100 skill groups! Calls can easily be transferred between these skill groups without double call costs, even if a group is spread over several locations.

Your advantages:

  • Bundling of independent locations into one virtual Contact Center
  • Web-based interface for use and administration via internet browser
  • Setting-up of skill groups between multiple locations without double call costs for call transfer
  • Control via different user roles: manager, supervisor, administrator and organization administrator
  • Individual reporting and real-time monitoring
  • Minute-by-minute pay-per-use price model 
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