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Contact Net Detector

The Right Call Partner

You can identify your callers from their telephone number using the Contact Net Detector and can transfer the call to the right call partner. Customers will be automatically connected to an agent who already knows about their needs and wishes – a major plus for your service.

More Quality for Satisfied Customers

The Contact Net Detector provides additional information such as the customer number of the caller as the phone starts to ring. This provides the agent with all the necessary customer information for optimal call preparation and rapid call management. In short: your service quality increases and so does the satisfaction of your customers. This product can be used when your customer relationship management solution includes Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Individual Greetings and Targeted Transfer

There are a multitude of applications that are available via the Contact Net Detector. You can put callers into groups, e.g. private or corporate customers. You can distribute customers according to their value or importance to your company (Value-Based Routing). You can also divide your trained agents into three skill groups that can concentrate on different parts of customer enquiries. The Contact Net Detector transfers different customer groups exactly to the appropriate agent. Customers with late payments can be automatically transferred to the reminder system.

Your advantages:

  • No investment in hardware or software
  • Time savings through pre-selection
  • Good, fast customer service
  • Optimal use of human resources
  • Direct, personal contact with customer via CTI integration possibility
  • Minute-by-minute pay-per-use price model
  • 24/7 operator service
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