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Telephone Solutions

Carrier Preselection and SIP Trunking

You can take advantage of highly attractive tariffs for both national and international calls thanks to the direct interconnection of our infrastructure with the largest national and international carriers. This allows you to decide, as the B2B customer or Reseller, whether connection billing occurs via us and the existing physical, fixed-line infrastructure of your provider is used or whether a complete replacement with a sip trunk for all the services required should be provided. You still retain your existing number or can be given a new number by us.

VOIP Telephonie Systems

You can use all the functionalities of a standard telephone system cheaply and efficiently with our virtual telephone system, based on one of our fixed-line numbers. The virtual telephone system is a software-based solution integrated into our network that replaces standard telephone equipment – it provides the full functionality of a hardware-based system and more.

Number Hosting

You benefit from our carrier infrastructure and outsource all number related topics to us. You can concentrate on your core business in the value chain and augment our products or blend it with additional services from your existing portfolio.

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