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Voice Web Portal

Automatic Voice Recognition

The Voice Web Portal opens up new customer interaction possibilities all the way to performing complete business transactions using voice control, all through a combination of internet and voice – and without the installation of or investment in costly infrastructure. Your Self-Service options are not only available around the clock, but also your agents are freed up from time-intensive routine tasks and you can allocate your free resources to where individual customer service is essential.

Voice Web Portal uses modern voice recognition software (ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition) to ensure smooth dialog and the rapid transfer of the caller to the desired target.

The system converts information saved into spoken text (Text-to-speech audio response), enabling it to communicate with your customers. This frees up your contact-center agents.

Install a voice portal with cutting-edge technology and customize your service range to fit your company’s needs.

Your advantages:

  • Low investment outlays, as no special hardware or software is required
  • Short preparation time and implementation
  • 24/7 operator service
  • Comprehensive online monitoring and reporting
  • Time and cost savings due to pre-selection or installation of complete voice-controlled business processing
  • Minute-by-minute pay-per-use price model
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