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Vienna-based wysiwyn telecommunication gmbh was founded in 2012 to take over the operations of Deutsche Telekom Value Added Services GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Telekom Deutschland GmbH. The company is the exclusive marketer of the value-added service portfolio of Telekom Deutschand GmbH in Austria and abroad, in addition to other activities.

This portfolio was expanded significantly in 2013 with the addition of classic fixed-line services for Austria. Since end of 2013 wysiwyn telecommunication gmbh is a 100% subsidiary of spiroton venture gmbh.

Our Claim

As the exclusive, international partner of Telekom Deutschland GmbH, we offer customers many years of competence as a provider which is one of the leading telecommunications companies worldwide and add this to our own innovative services and those of selected partners in telecommunications. We can provide customers complete solutions in redundant and high-quality networks.

In line with our Mission Statement “what you see is what you need,“ our goal is to make our functionality and the applications of our solutions visible to our customers and keep the technology used in the background as much as possible. All our virtual services are platform-based and directly in the field of influence of both us and our direct partners. This allows us to combine the highest possible level of data protection and security with the advantage of cloud-based services.  

We believe in personalized customer care and offer customers dedicated partners who have a detailed understanding of the customer’s business model and can contribute to optimal customer solutions.

Our Service National and International

All of our value-added services require no on-site installations except for classic telephone and data services. This means we can provide these services to our customers at the same standards on a cross-border and worldwide basis.