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Virtual Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems on the Net

Are you fed up of long-term maintenance contracts, expensive upgrades and costly support for your telephone system? Our systems from the net can provide you with an alternative that suits your exact current needs. We can offer you the functionality of a professional telephone system as a service and entirely relieve you of the system.

By outsourcing this service to us, you can save on investing in expensive hardware and pass the responsibility of operating the infrastructure on to us. You can save resources and concentrate on your core business.

Your ported or new fixed-line number that is the basis for using the telephone system is activated at our server center. Connections to our system are created via a separate IP connection. We can create a connection with the appropriate bandwidth from your company location to our server center with the help of our data services, depending on the number of phone connections to our system. All calls are converted into tried-and-tested ISDN protocols by our network nodes, ensuring top quality call standards.  

Your advantages:

  • No investment in expensive hardware
  • Elimination of operational responsibility
  • High level of scalability and short-term changes possible
  • No long-term contracts
  • Individually programmable features
  • Totally independent of location, external extensions

Greet your customers with an individual text or message before taking the call, define your DTMF selection menu and route calls to individual extensions, ring groups or mobile telephones, according to your needs. It is possible to have individual waiting loop music and voice boxes thanks to our integrated music management. You simply give us the necessary sound files designed to fit your needs. We can also recommend partner companies that can help you create such items. This can be rounded off by an integrated online fax solution and individual programming options.

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