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Interactive Voice Response

Professional Customer Dialogs

Customers can be greeted at a central point using Interactive Voice Response. The caller reaches a voice dialog system that deals with his or her request via voice dialog. He or she can then be directed to the right partner depending on his or her request and the appropriate instructions via voice or telephone keypad.  

The Interactive Voice Response platform is fully integrated into our network. This means you avoid costly investments in in-house company voice-dialog systems. We take care of all the steps required from the consultations on the programming of the voice dialog and the creation of the dialog itself to the complete integration of the system. The end result is a customized solution that can add new features quickly and uncomplicatedly.

Your advantages:

  • Complete installation and support from one source
  • Individual development of voice dialogs
  • Availability of a multitude of functionalities via web interface
  • Comprehensive statistics functions
  • No investment in hardware or software
  • 24/7 operator service
  • Minute-by-minute pay-per-use price model 
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