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(worldwide) +43 1 798 45 90

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Freecall Universal

Worldwide Freecall Numbers

You can be reached by your customers all over the world on one freecall number with Freecall Universal. Even with no international offices or staff. This is because you can answer all your enquiries in the comfort of your service centers – on a worldwide basis and at no cost to the caller.

Your customers call the same free +800 service number whether they are from Sweden, Japan or France. This is possible for more than 60 countries, with coverage expanding continually to other call destinations. This enables your company to be present on a global scale – just with one unique freecall number.

Your advantages:

  • Worldwide cover with one unique +800 service number
  • Noticeable increases in customer contact, both nationally and internationally
  • Visible customer orientation as image boost and competitive advantage
  • Cost-effective, global presence – also without international offices
  • Simple success measurement through comprehensive statistics

You are reachable on one international number for potential customers throughout the world. And this is the best business card for your company. Customers usually call numbers that are free of charge before dialing any others. Impress your callers using a personal greeting in the language of their home country.

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