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Call Management

Successful Customer Contact

Optimal service and positive customer relations are essential. Our Contact Center Solutions stand for professional customer contact management and bring your company closer to its customers. Our services provide the perfect solution for all your requirements and are available in combination with our Service Numbers.

Automatic Call Distribution is your ticket to becoming part of a giant virtual Contact Center. It makes no difference whether your agents sit in the same office or are scattered all over the world. The Contact Net Detector recognizes your customers the moment they ring and connects them to the right person immediately. This allows you to offer customers optimal service levels. The Outbound Net Connector provides the perfect solution for outbound campaigns, whether you carry out the campaign yourselves or outsource it, you have complete control. All that without investment in expensive hardware or software.

Voice Web Portal und Interactive Voice Response – two voice portals for different demands. You decide which is right for you!  

Would you like to provide callers web-based services using voice response on a round the clock basis? This is no problem with Voice Web Portal.

Interactive Voice Response gives your customers the chance to select the right partner via voice response or Touch-Tone (DTMF) and you the chance to optimize your telephone-based customer support through caller transfer to the right partner. 

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