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  • Service numbers

    • Professional corporate design
    • Different call tariffs
    • Available in more than 60 countries
    • Individual caller management
  • Call Management

    • Virtual contact center
    • Caller management
    • Made-to-measure for your requirements
    • Integration into existing infrastructure 
  • Messaging

    • 600+ direct carrier connections and worldwide coverage
    • Flexible and made-to-measure customer solutions
    • Seamless integration in existing customer platforms or use of a ready to use messaging service interface
  • Telephone Solutions

    • Short-term savings
    • Virtual system without investments in hardware
    • Call distribution by individual DTMF choice
    • Integrated online fax solution 
  • Data Services

    • Easily available, fixed bandwidths
    • Connections to remote locations
    • Individual customer solutions
    • Dedicated glass fiber and microwave

        radio relay network 

  • Conference Services

    • Productivity increase for you company
    • Global call-in numbers
    • 24/7 support by live operators
    • No software installation or investment

Customized solutions to suit your needs.

wysiwyn telecommunication gmbh is an international fixed line provider of value-added services, such as hotlines, Contact Center Solutions, ACD systems and IVR platforms. A messenger service completes the multi channel customer interaction portfolio. Besides fixed line telephony and virtual VOIP telephone systems, internet services and data connections a telephone and web conferences is also available for business customers. In the wholesale segment number hosting and carrier preselection services are provided.

what you see is what you need – when using our products, you can only see exactly what you really need. We take care of the rest (the complicated bit). Our goal is to construct simple solutions and create innovative ideas that satisfy your exacts needs, are user friendly and straightforward to operate using our range of products and services.

We develop and construct communication solutions using your requirement details and can, therefore, improve your company’s efficiency. Not only do you benefit from the technical know-how and experience of our company - we also offer you the flexibility to concentrate on your core business and outsource almost all ICT services.

Business partners of all sizes and industries are already benefiting from
our expertise and experience.