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Carrier Preselection

Simple Optimization of Call Costs

Keep your existing provider’s telephone connection and use our attractive call tariffs. 

Carrier Preselection gives you the chance to separate out calls – for example calls abroad (call-by-call preselection) or all outgoing calls (carrier preselection) via us.

Your advantages:

  • Short-term optimization of call costs
  • No need to change existing infrastructure or existing contracts
  • Economic migration of existing system to our virtual system
  • No long-term contracts
  • No investment in new hardware or software

Registration for call-by-call preselection or carrier preselection is only possible with numbers that have been given to customers with valid contracts with A1 Telekom Austria. It may be required to get written consent for existing numbers to be registered for call-by-call preselection or carrier preselection for customers that are not subscribers to the A1 Telekom Austria network.

A fully featured Carrier Preselection solution is also provided for resellers.

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