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(worldwide) +43 1 798 45 90

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Instant Conference

Short Meetings – With No Registration

A spontaneous meeting whenever or wherever – and with up to 30 participants? No problem! It’s this quick:

Fix the date and a six-digit PIN and share this data with all the conference participants. All participants call +43 820 951 000 at the appointed time, type in the PIN, which is the symbolic key to the conference room, and you can start your telephone conference.

Your advantages:

  • Available all the time – no registration or reservation required
  • Up to 20 paticipants per conference
  • Fair cost sharing via telephone bills of the participants
  • No contract
  • No mimimun use, no fees
  • Requires only a telephone with Touch-Tone or DTMF technology  

Billing (0.2 EUR per minute and participant using the Austrian fixed-line and mobile-phone systems, the individual call tariff level for Austria is valid for international dial-ins) is done via the phone bill of the individual participants.