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Business Conference

Global Collaboration Tool

If you need regular, planned telephone conferences and want to use all the additional functions available, the Business Conference Tool is right for you. You can organize your phone and web conferences as desired and can raise the efficiency of your meetings using this collaboration tool.

The comprehensive control possibilities available in the virtual telephone conference room, as well as the bookable webmeeting options, allow you to work on documents collaboratively, as well as to present them together. The numerous features such as whiteboards, chat functions, conference recording and the flexible transfer of moderation rights, as well as the transmission of the participant videos, complete this conference solution.  

Your advantages:

  • Worldwide dial-in using existing infrastructure
  • No costly system integration or admin rights necessary
  • To-the-minute, pay-per-use billing – no contract necessary
  • Simple booking by internet, unlimited number of accounts possible
  • Simple conference control via conference portal or telephone keypad
  • Highest level of data protection due to infrastructure exclusively in Germany

Worldwide Dial-In

Use anytime conferences for regular telephone meetings, such as weekly team meetings. Thus, your personal meeting room is available on a round-the-clock basis. This means you do not have to give your participants new access data every meeting, as this does not change. Permanent conference-room availability makes rescheduling meetings easy to administrate without changing bookings.

One-time conferences can be booked on a tailor-made basis and provide an even higher level of security features. Access data is only usable once at one-time conferences and new data is provided for each separate conference. An optional, freely definable security code gives additional user control. There are a multitude of settings options, which meet the highest standards.

You allow the participants to either dial into the conference themselves using the access code, with you as the moderator determining whether the participant carries the connection costs for the call themselves and whether the dial-in is permitted using a local number or whether you carry the dial-in costs of the participant using a freecall service number.

Or you can use the Dial-Out option and allow selected participants to be called by the conference system automatically. Bookings can be made using the conference portal. Further participants can be called during the meeting as desired.

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